Gate openers powered by solar

solar gate openers

There are varieties of automatic gate openers available in the market today. Among them, solar gate openers are the best. Here opening and closing of all types of gates are powered by solar energy. The best thing about these gate openers is that they need very little maintenance. There are mainly three types of gate openers. They are

  • Sliding kits
  • Swing gate kits
  • Dual swing gate kits


Among these gate openers, the sliding kit type is usually installed in parallel to the wall of the fence. So, it slides parallel to the fence. This type demands very less space. Other best thing about them is just a single gate is enough in this type. For this type, 120 V motor is enough. This type is said to have the best torque and it offers continuous operation. This model even ensures the safety of the people who use it.

Swing gate kits are the right choice if anyone is looking for best solar gate openers. This is best for single swing gate. These gates open towards the outside or street. In this case, there will be an underground sensor which senses the presence of the vehicle. So, when the vehicle arrives, the gate automatically senses it. So, once the vehicle is completely inside the premise, the gate closes automatically. The kit comprises a master unit as well as one lever arm. The gates come with a cable, mounting bracket, and a solar panel. It is also possible to get one 9-amp battery along with this kit. Additionally, if needed, one can get a receiver, antenna, and channel radio transmitter as well.

Here the kit brings 2 swinging gates. The gates open outwards to the street side. Here sensors are present to for detection of the proximity of the vehicle as well. This type also comes with the dual running mode. It is also possible to adjust the closing as well as the opening of the master gate. Majority of this type also offer auto close operation.